Sickness policy and procedures

If you are absent from work on account of sickness or injury you must inform your line manager of the reason for your absence and its expected duration one hour before your start time by telephone call from you personally not using social media.

If your absence extends longer than originally anticipated you must contact your line manager to advise him/her of the situation unless your absence is covered by a medical certificate. If your absence becomes prolonged you must keep in regular contact with your line manager, advising on your progress and when you are likely to return to work.

In the event of an absence of one to seven days, including weekends, you must complete a self certification of sickness absence on return to work.

If the absence lasts for eight calendar days or more you will be required to produce a medical certificate stating the reason for the absence. The first such certificate should be sent to the company no later than the eighth day of absence, and medical certificates will be required from that date throughout the remainder of your period of absence.

You will receive sick pay if eligible under current legislation.

If you are ill while on holiday to the extent that you would be unable to come to work (were you at work) then you must comply with reporting requirements as if you were at work. You will be entitled to any SSP due (not holiday pay) in relation to any days of sickness. In certain circumstances then we may allow you to take the lost holiday at another time.

Because of the rules relating to the payment of statutory sick pay, it is important that your certificates indicate actual days of sickness even if they are sometimes days when you would not have worked.

If you fail to comply with the reporting procedures you may be subject to disciplinary action and you may lose your right to SSP.

In the case of prolonged or persistent absence totalling 14 work days or more you must discuss the nature of the absence with us if we request it. We may request that you undergo a medical examination or occupational health assessment by a practitioner of our choice. Lara Nichols will meet the cost of such an examination or assessment. In this context you have rights under the Medical Reports Act 1988 and these will be explained to you if the occasion arises.

We will consult with you in order to examine any options, including any appropriate and reasonable adjustments that might facilitate a return to work.


This policy was last reviewed in June 2020