Selection for redundancy will, in the first instance, be based on the particular work for which you are employed. Where the work has ceased, and involves more than one employee, selection will be based on objective skills-criteria, any current disciplinary warnings and finally, and if need be, length of service. Piggy Holdings Ltd t/a Lara Nichols will not impose a “bumping” policy where a person in one job is made redundant to provide work for a person in another job who would otherwise be redundant because their work had ceased.

Individual consultation will take place, for which you will have advance notice. We will discuss with you:

  • The reasons for the redundancy.
  • How you have been selected.
  • How and when it will take effect.
  • Whether there will be a statutory redundancy payment and, if so, how it is calculated.

A work colleague may accompany you, if you wish, at any such discussion.

Wherever possible, the following will be considered in order to minimise or avoid the redundancy:

  • Inviting volunteers.
  • Alternative work, including re-training if appropriate.
  • Continuing work but on reduced hours or other forms of flexible working.
  • Re-arrangement of the work within Lara Nichols.
  • Voluntary “bumping” where another employee volunteers in your place.
  • Any ideas that you may have.

At this point you will be allowed a reasonable time for reflection and have the opportunity to bring forward any matter arising from the consultation meeting.

Piggy Holdings Ltd t/a Lara Nichols reserves the right to not take up any particular option, at its discretion.

Prior to any dismissal you will be invited to a further meeting. You will be advised of the date for the meeting. You will be given at least 24 hours notice, unless we mutually agree that we should have an earlier meeting, or unless it is reasonable to allow more time. We will give you details of the reason for your selection. You will receive copies of any documents that are to be presented at the meeting. We will remind you of your right to be accompanied by a fellow employee. These matters will be set out in writing.

You must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting. Those taking the meeting will adjourn it to consider their final decision. You will be informed of the decision and of your right of appeal.

If you wish to appeal you must inform us reasonably promptly, setting out the ground for the appeal. We will invite you to a further meeting. We will remind you of your right to be accompanied by a fellow employee, certified Trade Union Representative or employed Trade Union official. You must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting. We will inform you of the final decision of the appeal.

Within the limited resources available to Lara Nichols we will seek to find another possible employer for you if you are facing redundancy.

This policy was last reviewed in May 2019