Quality policy

To ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing service of the highest quality. This will be achieved by a continuous process of quality improvement which delivers:

  • Commitment to listen and respond to customer needs and expectations
  • Commitment to building a team approach which maximizes the individual’s contribution to enhance the overall team performance, bringing together personal, functional and geographical aspects through development of all employees to meet the business needs
  • An assurance that all personnel are appropriately trained in all relevant procedures, processes and documentation appropriate to their level of authority to facilitate the highest levels of efficiency
  • Commitment to fulfil the needs of our market and to enhance our competitive advantage through superior cleaning services, new opportunities and our customers’ changing requirements
  • Commitment to research and development to ensure advanced working practices in creating an adaptive product
  • An assurance of the continual update of procedures, processes and documentation in recording revisions and reissue and the removal of obsolete versions from use
  • An assurance that no changes to documentation, process or procedure will be implemented without the signed authorization of the Quality Manager, so that all changes are fully recorded and approved and so that training can be delivered to the appropriate personnel
  • A quarterly review of all documents, procedures and practices to ensure that all system are up to date and are functioning in the best interests of the customer and the company
  • Commitment to investment in resources including logistics, customer support and service in order to anticipate and satisfy our customers’ expectations of quality and value
  • Commitment to comply with the requirements of the quality management system

Mike Nichols          26 January 2015

Managing Director