Privacy statement

Personal data held

The data controller, Piggy Holdings Ltd t/a Lara Nichols, holds and processes personal data about you as part of its general employee records, wellbeing and our contract with you. This may include the following:

Identifiers; For example, your address, and other contact details including emergency contact, date of birth, NI number, eligibility to work in the UK documents, photograph.

Historical data: For example, CV, the positions held with us (including job applications), interview notes, references, training, salary history, attendance record, disciplinary processes, details of any disputes.

Financial data: For example, Bank details, remuneration details, pension details, county court judgments, mortgage information requests.

Social data: For example, public duties, family, marital status, interests and hobbies, declared social or sports activities.

Tracking: For example, computer usage, browsing history, time recording, vehicle tracking.

Special categories: For example, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular events, mental health, sickness absence records and certain protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

Personal data is also held on HR and operational databases and some information will be held in the files of your line manager.

The purpose of processing special category data may be to make reasonable adjustments, to administer benefit plans, to monitor and manage sickness absence and to comply with health and safety legislation.

Purposes for processing personal data

Lara Nichols needs to collect and use personal data about employees for its day to day activities in relation to employees, to enable the general management of employees, to administer their payment,  to carry out appraisals, performance and salary reviews, operate and check its employment rules and policies are followed to operate and maintain security of the company’s information systems, monitor use, and detect abuse of those systems and to comply with legal obligations.

Administration of payment includes: the payroll system, pension scheme, the administration of employee benefits (such as leave entitlements).

Security of personal data

Lara Nichols  will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data it holds is accurate and up-to-date. All  personal data will be destroyed when it is no longer required.

Sharing of personal data

Lara Nichols may make personal data available to payroll providers, IT providers, business and HR consultants, lawyers, accountants, pension benefit providers and other providing services under outsourcing services, to government and/or regulatory authorities and others to whom it has a legal duty.

Keeping us updated

In order to assist the company in ensuring that your personal information is kept up to date, you should inform your line manager of any changes in the following information:

  • Address and other contact details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Bank account details
  • Change of name

Further information

If you require further information on your privacy rights please contact the Finance Manager.

This policy was last reviewed in April 2020