Mobile phone use

This policy applies to mobile phones, smartphones, ipads and all other devices capable of sending and receiving calls, messages or other communications.

Company mobile phones are provided at the discretion of the Managing Director on the basis of business need and may be used for a reasonable amount of private calls.

Your company mobile phone and sim must be pass code protected. If not and it is lost we may seek to recover incurred costs due to misuse.

You must advise the Finance Manager if you intend to use your phone for personal use outside the UK when all calls will be at your expense. You will be required to pay this direct to Lara Nichols

Lara Nichols reserves the right to monitor the use of its mobile phones. Personal information recorded on a company mobile will not necessarily be private.

Company mobile phones must be returned to the Finance Manager on the last day of your employment. If you wish to remove private information it is your responsibility to do so prior to return.

Use of company and personal mobile phones during working hours

Mobile phones may be used only for business purposes during working hours.

To minimise the risk of viruses and to protect the phone’s security the Bluetooth facility must not be enabled at any time (both during and outside working hours) other than at times when you are specifically using that facility. This is because the Bluetooth facility makes your phone accessible to other users and access to your data can be obtained anonymously and without your knowledge.

The camera facility must be used only for business purposes during working hours.

Be considerate in your use of your mobile. Turn it off when its use could be distracting, for example during meetings or when attending to clients.

Personal mobile or smartphones must be switched off during working hours.  If you wish to check receipt of messages or make a call from your mobile phone during your lunch break this must be done away from client facing areas or offices where other people are working.

Use of company mobile phones whilst driving

The use of a mobile telephone while driving is permitted only if:

  • as the driver, your conversation is carried out hands-free


  • you judge it safe to do so in the light of the prevailing traffic conditions


  • the conversation does not become stressful.

If you call someone on a mobile phone and it is apparent that they are driving, ask if they are hands-free and if it is safe to talk, if not, then finish the conversation quickly and courteously. Even if safe to talk, do not start a conversation that may become stressful or continue one that appears to be becoming so.

Please remember that it is illegal to drive while using hand-held phones or similar devices.

Loss and repair of company phones

The safeguarding of your Company mobile phone is your responsibility. Do not leave it in a visible place such as in an unattended car.

Any loss or damage to a Company mobile phone should be reported to the Finance Manager as soon as possible. Loss of a company phone must in any event be notified to Managing Director immediately it is suspected. so that its data and access to our servers can be locked or deleted.

Breach of this policy

Breach of this policy will be treated as misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action.

If you have been issued with a Company mobile phone then breach of the policy could result in it being withdrawn. You might not be offered the opportunity to remove private information first.



This policy was last reviewed in April 2020