Lone working policy

You have a responsibility, shared with your immediate manager and Lara Nichols, to ensure you understand the relevant procedures and expectations at your place of work.

You must notify your line manager if you have any known health problem that could cause you to collapse, such as diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease. Health information will be kept confidential and disclosed only to those who have a responsibility to ensure you can work safely. In such cases you will have protection under the Data Protection Act and in most cases also under the Equality Act.

You must comply with all policies, procedures and safe methods of working as advised to you and in particular when working alone:

  •  always make contact with your line manager if a fire or similar incident should occur in the building. Under no circumstances are you to attempt to put out a fire or deal with any other emergency issue prior to notifying the emergency services of the situation and even then only where there is minimal risk to safety
  •  discuss with your line manager any concerns you may have about dealing with aggressive behaviour, being a custodian of cash, escape routes or calling for help. It is important that you feel confident to handle, on your own, situations that may reasonably be expected to arise even on rare occasions.
  •  you must not:
    • use unsecured ladders
    • dismantle any electrical equipment
    • use any machinery that could cut, slice, crush, stitch or other wise cause serious injury
  • make sure someone expects you at the end of the working day and discuss this need with your line manager if you live alone


This policy was last reviewed in April 2020