Hours of work

Your normal hours of work are shown in your own conditions of employment.

Lara Nichols reserves the right to make reasonable changes to any work patterns either on a temporary or a permanent basis, according to the needs of the business.

If you are employed on a nil hours contract then Lara Nichols does not guarantee to provide you with work but will pay for the work that is done. You agree to be available for work. Your employment contract continues even when there is no work and terminates only on written notice from either you or Lara Nichols.

Owing to the nature of our operation, a reasonable amount of overtime may be required.

Salaried employees are expected to work such hours as are reasonably necessary for the job.

You may agree to work hours in addition to the current working time limit of 48 hours per week (averaged over 17 weeks). If you wish to do this, then this is a voluntary choice. Please sign and return a separate opt-out agreement that can be downloaded from the Internet version of this handbook.