Your entitlement is set out in your own conditions of employment.

The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Normally no carry over to a following year will be allowed, nor is pay in lieu available except on termination. You must therefore take your entitlement in good time. However if you have not been able to take all your statutory annual leave entitlement due to COVID-19 you could carry it over into the next 2 leave years.

If you work part-time, your holiday entitlement and pay will be calculated on a pro rata basis according to the contracted number of hours worked each week.

Your entitlement will accrue at the rate of 1/12th of your annual entitlement (including 1/12th of the Bank/Public holiday entitlement) for each completed month of service. For part years of service your entitlement will be calculated as 1/12th of the annual entitlement for each completed month of service during that holiday year.

Pay during holidays will be based on your normal weekly hours and normal overtime at the appropriate rates of pay.

You may not take any holiday without prior permission. The request for permission must be made on a holiday request form. All holiday must be formally approved before booking flights, accommodation, etc.

Conflicts will be resolved on a first come, first served, basis subject to discretion. If you are required to work a Bank or Public holiday then you will be paid 1.5 times your normal rate and you may take your holiday on another day. If you are not required to work then you may request to take a Bank or Public holiday as part of your holiday entitlement, by submitting a holiday form, and will be paid at your normal rate. You may need to reserve some of your holiday days for Christmas

On termination of your employment your holiday entitlement will be calculated pro-rata to your days of employment in the holiday year of your departure. You will receive payment at the rate of one week’s pay for each untaken week of that holiday entitlement.  Part-weeks will be calculated pro-rata.

If you have taken more holiday than your entitlement (pro-rata to your days of employment in the holiday year of your departure), we may deduct a payment from any monies owed to you. This will be calculated at the same rate of one week’s pay for each excess week of your annual entitlement taken in the year of your departure.  Part-weeks will be calculated pro-rata.


This policy was last reviewed in April 2020