Grievance procedure

This procedure does not apply where you are appealing against disciplinary action that has been taken against you. In those circumstances, you must appeal to the Managing Director, in writing and within 5 working days, stating your reasons for the appeal.

If you consider that you are not being treated fairly as an employee then you should raise a grievance. A work colleague, certified Trade Union Representative or employed Trade Union Official may usually accompany you during a grievance meeting and you will probably find this helpful.

Covert recording of grievance meetings, including appeal meetings, using mobile phones or other devices is not permitted and such recording may result in disciplinary action.

The right of accompaniment applies where the complaint is regarding a legal duty owed by the employer to the employee. It would not cover, for example, a request for a pay rise.

Informal meeting

You are first encouraged to raise the grievance informally with your line manager. Feelings of unfair treatment often result from misunderstandings and careful communication and discussion can usually resolve these. If the grievance is with your line manager you may raise it to the next most senior person.

Where they cannot be resolved by these means then Lara Nichols, at its discretion, may engage a mediator.

Grievance meeting

If you are not satisfied that your grievance has been resolved, then you must put the details of your complaint in writing. You will be expected to explain the grievance and how you think it should be resolved. We will then arrange a grievance meeting with you to give further consideration to your grievance and may discuss it with others inside Lara Nichols and, potentially, advisers from outside.

The Manager will normally reach a decision within 5 working days and will communicate this to you in writing as well as verbally and of your right to appeal against the decision if you are not satisfied.

Appeal meeting

If you wish to appeal you must inform the Managing Director within 5 working days.

We will invite you to attend a further meeting at which we will hear a formal appeal. Ideally that will be held by someone not involved at the initial meeting. After that meeting you will be informed of the final decision in writing.

Grievances raised by past employees

In circumstances where an employee has already left employment, and the procedure above has not been commenced or completed, then the following procedure will apply:

The former employee must set out the grievance in writing within 5 working days of leaving employment and send a copy of the grievance to the Finance Manager.

The response will be set out in writing and a copy sent to the former employee. There is no right of appeal for past employees.



This policy was last reviewed in December 2019