Flexible working

If you have worked for us for 26 weeks you have a statutory right to request flexible working.

To do this you must write to the Finance Manager setting out the following:

  • ┬áthe change to working conditions that you are seeking and when you would like the change to come into effect
  • what effect you think the requested change would have on Lara Nichols as your employer
  • how, in your opinion, any such effect(s) might be dealt with
  • that this is a statutory request and, if you have made a previous application for flexible working, the date of that application (You may make only one request in a twelve month period).
  • the date of the request.

We will consider your request in a reasonable manner and within a reasonable timeframe. If we decide to meet your request we will meet only to clarify the detail of how the change may work in practice.

We will not refuse your request without first having a meeting with you. We will allow you to be accompanied, at such a meeting, by a work colleague or Trade Union representative if you request this.

Covert recording of meetings using mobile phones or other devices is not permitted and such recording may itself result in disciplinary action.

We will only refuse your request if we have sound business reasons for doing so. You can find a list of the reasons for which we are entitled to refuse your request in the ACAS Code of Practice.

You should request this right using the guidance or form at:

The direct.gov.uk site

or visit

ACAS guide

where your rights are set out in more detail.

This policy was last reviewed in April 2020