Equal opportunity policy

We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment.

Accordingly, our employment policies are designed to ensure that no job applicant, employee or worker receives less favourable treatment for any of the following reasons:

  • Race, including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy or Maternity
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Religion or belief*,
  • Trade union membership or non-membership
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender re-assignment
  • Married or civil partnership status

*Belief includes political and philosophical beliefs. However, adverse behaviour towards others, even when arising from beliefs, may result in disciplinary action.

The objective of the policy is to ensure that individuals are selected, allocated work and otherwise treated solely on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities.

Discrimination can take place in a number of ways:

  • Directly eg by not appointing someone because of their skin colour
  • Indirectly eg by unnecessarily specifying a height restriction for the job
  • Association eg because a partner has a re-assigned gender
  • Perception eg because thought to be┬ádisabled even though they are not
  • Harassment eg intimidating them because of their religion
  • Victimisation ie treating adversely someone who has complained in the past

We are alert to the possibility of any of these forms of discrimination.

Primary responsibility for the successful implementation of the policy rests with the Managing Director by:

  • not inducing or attempting to induce others to practise unlawful discrimination
  • bringing to the attention of employees and workers that they will be subject to disciplinary action, or loss of contracts, for failure to adhere to the policy
  • not discriminating in the course of employment against employees, job applicants or workers.

Individual employees and workers have the responsibility to ensure that they assist the organisation in achieving these objectives by:

  • not discriminating in the course of employment against employees, customers, suppliers or workers with whom they come into contact during the course of their duties
  • not inducing or attempting to induce others to practise unlawful discrimination
  • reporting any discriminatory action to the Finance Manager.

The successful operation of this policy necessitates a contribution from each person and you have an obligation to report any act of discrimination known to you.

If you consider that you are suffering unlawful discrimination, you should raise the issue with the Finance Manager.

You should also raise issues if you consider you are subject to harassment by a third party such as a customer or supplier.

No employee or worker will suffer detriment as a result of any matter raised, in good faith, under this policy.



This policy was last reviewed in April 2018