Environmental policy

Lara Nichols seeks to foster an environmentally responsible approach to business. This policy is to be explained to everyone who is directly involved in the business, the document is provided on our website and it is to be mentioned during any recruitment.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to familiarise themselves with any codes of practice relevant to the business and to regard compliance as a minimum standard only.

In addition the Managing Director seeks to improve environmental performance in main services and products (eg paperless-office products) and by processes (eg encouraging car sharing).

This is to be done on a continuous basis by, for example: invoicing by email.

Discussions on environmental issues with employees, free-lance workers, suppliers, customers and the local community will be welcomed by the Managing Director.

Complaints under this policy should be raised with the Managing Director who may take advice and, if appropriate, implement change. No person or supplier who raises a complaint is to suffer detriment as a result of raising the complaint.

This policy will be reviewed periodically to take account of growth in the business and any changes in the law.

This policy was last reviewed in June 2020