English language in the workplace

Use of a sole common language facilitates good communication, alleviates suspicion and assists working relationships.

It is the policy of Lara Nichols that the spoken language on the premises is English. All employees are required to use or attempt to use only English. Premises include all areas, including the toilets, communal areas and any outside areas within our ownership or tenancy.

Three groups have differing needs.

Those for whom English is their first language or who are fluent

You are expected to treat other groups with respect and recognise that broken English can seem more direct than the speaker may intend. Where you have a second language you may be expected to assist in translation or interpretation.

Those who have a good grasp of English as a second or later language

You are required to communicate in English. You may be expected to assist in translation or interpretation.

Employees learning English

All such employees are required to speak in English other than in the exceptions below.


A translator or interpreter (as appropriate) may enable an alternative language to be used in conjunction with English in the following circumstances:

  • Job interviews
  • Induction
  • Health and Safety
  • Essential instructions
  • Communicating expectations
  • Emergencies
  • Formal discipline or grievance matters

This policy was last reviewed in April 2020