Employment & training policy


It is our policy to have a happy, well-trained workforce where you will be required to work hard and effectively at your individual position within the company. You will achieve this through close adherence to our Employment & Training Policy. It is also our desire that you will receive above average remuneration within this industry sector for your role and as a result of their success and subsequent company growth you will be encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for advancement. Where possible, appointments will be made via a “Promote from within” strategy.

Our Employment & Training Officer will manage the employment & training policy. The policy will undergo an annual review and any issues arising there from will be redressed through a consultation process involving the employment & training officer, management, supervisors and employees. You will be individually reviewed following your induction period and annually thereafter. Such reviews will evaluate performance, salary, role, work methods, training and potential future advancement or re-assignment.

Our policy is to employ individuals purely on an assessment of ability, and potential to carry out the required function. Employment will not be assessed on the basis of age, race or any other inappropriately discriminatory matter. Indeed it is our policy to be a multi racial company having a happy workforce of all ages and that all employees co-operate together. To this end open communication at all levels within the company will be encouraged.


The company policy is that you will receive training to a level higher than normally expected within the cleaning sector. Training will be mandatory for all employees on an ongoing basis in line with perceived company requirements for the position or the individual involved.

You will attend the appropriate in house training program on a permanent basis regardless of your role within the company. All cleaners and any employee with a level of supervision over cleaning staff will be required to have performed the said function of cleaning for a period as deemed appropriate by the directors and to receive NVQ cleaning training at all levels progressively.

Additional indirectly relevant training will be encouraged and supported where judged appropriate by the employment and training officer.

Independent training in association with industry bodies and or health & safety organizations will be mandatory to employees at the discretion of the employment & training officer under the direction of the company directors.

If you fail to attend or undertake training you may be subject to disciplinary action, which could include suspension of bonus.


All employees will undergo an induction process as deemed appropriate by the directors.