Corporate Social Responsibility


 Lara Nichols conducts its business with its clients, employees and suppliers in an ethical manner, taking account of its impact economically, socially, and in terms of the rights of individuals.

Our CSR Policy means that we will look to:

  • encourage innovative approaches and continuing development and application of good practices;
  • ensure we have appropriate levels of performance in areas such as Health & Safety, the environment and equal opportunities
  • encourage increased awareness, open and constructive dialogue and trust
  • create a policy framework which encourages and enables responsible behaviour by the company and its employees.

Continual improvement

Lara Nichols has a culture of continual improvement and this is encouraged in a number of ways including team meetings and management review purposes and staff consultation through which the company will:

    • develop and share good practices
    • consider and implement, as appropriate, proposals for new or improved processes, objectives and services.

Our CSR objectives are regularly reviewed and output is monitored as part of our overall risk management and policy review process.


We encourage training through on-going reviews and we provide a range of development options that help employees to improve their professional and personal performance.

Lara Nichols is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all its employees.


 Lara Nichols is committed to continually improving the environment and supporting the local community and other communities where it operates.

This policy was last reviewed in April 2020