Compassionate leave

Sometimes family must take priority over work and the company recognises this. Wherever possible the company would like to ensure that employees are supported through difficult and unforeseen times.

Compassionate leave may apply where there is a serious illness that requires you to devote some time to the care of a critically ill dependant. All compassionate leave requests will be managed sensitively. If you request time off as compassionate leave, you should deal with your line manager in the first instance who will seek approval for the time. Any payment for compassionate leave will be at the absolute discretion of the Managing Director.

The following points will be considered by the company when deciding whether compassionate leave may be approved

  • ┬áif there could be a temporary change in working pattern with colleagues in the first instance
  • the use of annual leave, to book holidays at short notice
  • allowing you to take a period of unpaid leave
  • requesting you to use any time owing that you may have previously accrued.

In all circumstances your line manager should inform you and the Payroll of any agreements for approved compassionate leave so that adjustments can be made to your salary.

Where compassionate leave is permitted, we will maintain contact with you on a regular basis so as to make the transition back to work smoother.

If you need an extended period of time to care for a dependent, then you might make a flexible working request for a change in your pattern of work and we would consider the request carefully under that policy. However you would need to bear in mind that any changes agreed under the Flexible Working policy would be a permanent variation in your contract of employment.


This policy was last reviewed in April 2020