Company vehicle policy

Entitlement to drive

If you are provided with a vehicle to use on behalf of Lara Nichols this is conditional on you holding a full UK driving licence.

This policy applies whether the vehicle is leased by us or owned outright.

You must provide us with evidence of your driving record (entitlements and/or penalty points), at the commencement of employment or before permission to use a vehicle is first given. Thereafter, you will be asked to produce this information at regular intervals as notified by us. You can do this online for free by accessing our Share Driving Licence service. To access this information you will need your:

You can generate a ‘check code’ to pass to us which will allow us to view your driving licence details.

If you cannot generate a code online then you can call 0300 083 0013 and DVLA will provide you with a code.

Alternatively you can call DVLA on 0300 790 6801 and leave permission for your driving record to be checked verbally by us.

You must declare, for secure recording by the Finance Manager, any medication or medical condition that may affect motor insurance. This is so that our insurers can be informed.

Driving is an essential part of your job requirements therefore if you lose your licence you will be liable to be dismissed. In the event that your licence is rescinded you must notify Lara Nichols immediately and cease driving forthwith.

You are required, if requested by the the Managing Director, to make your vehicle available for use by other employees. In such circumstances notice will be given to you and Lara Nichols will ensure that you are still able to effectively carry out your duties and be able to get to and from your place of work without unnecessary inconvenience.

Insurance of vehicles

Lara Nichols insures all vehicles belonging to the company. You, and anyone given permission by us to use the vehicle, must be eligible for comprehensive insurance cover under our insurance policy.

You, and anyone given permission by us to use the vehicle, must notify the Finance Manager, in writing, of any motoring offences with which you have been charged or convicted (including previous convictions) so that our insurers can be informed. Any employee who commits a road traffic offence may be subject to disciplinary action and in serious matters may face termination of employment.

Our vehicles must normally not be used by any individual who is in poor health. Therefore if you, or anyone given permission by us to use the vehicle, suffers from ill health of a nature which could affect driving capabilities then you must provide relevant details to the Finance Manager in order that appropriate information can be given to the company’s insurers.

You are required to notify the Finance Manager of any changes in circumstances relevant to your driving including speeding penalties, disqualification or medical restrictions placed on your licence. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Use of vehicle

You must not permit any relative, friend or any other third party, to drive any vehicle belonging to Lara Nichols without prior written permission being granted by the Managing Director.

Where written permission is given for additional drivers, any additional costs incurred by Lara Nichols associated with adding or maintaining additional drivers will be at the expense of the employee. Any third party permitted to drive will be responsible for any costs incurred by Lara Nichols as a result of any accident or damage to the vehicle. All third party drivers must also follow the rules set out in this policy and will be required to provide us with evidence of their driving record (entitlements and/or penalty points), and to declare any motoring offences with which they have been charged or convicted (including previous convictions) before permission to use a vehicle is given. Thereafter, they will be asked to produce this information at regular intervals as notified to you by us.

All the company vehicles shall remain the property of Lara Nichols. No one is permitted to sell, hire, assign, loan or pledge a vehicle owned by the company at any time.

A vehicle owned by the company must not be used for rallies, treasure hunts, racing competitions and similar activities or for carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

A vehicle owned by the company must not carry non-employees (eg children) while on our business unless it is a business-related person (eg a customer).

You must not modify any vehicle allocated to you in any way, either by adding any extras to the vehicle or by removing any constituent parts.

A vehicle provided to you by the company must be available to you and Lara Nichols at all times during working hours. If permission is obtained for another driver, such as a relative, they may not use the vehicle during working hours when the vehicle should be for your sole use, Lara Nichols or another employee of the company.

The vehicle is provided to discharge your employment responsibilities. Where you are on sick leave in excess of a month Lara Nichols reserves the right to reclaim the car for use by other employees.

Fuel costs, where a vehicle is provided for full time use.

Unless otherwise agreed, drivers of vehicles provided by the company are obliged to cover the cost of the fuel for the vehicle. All mileage on behalf of the company will be reimbursed to the driver in full as long as a mileage claim has been submitted and approved by Lara Nichols.

Where agreed and Lara Nichols provides a fuel card or a credit card, you must submit monthly a detailed breakdown of business and personal mileage on which each must be identified clearly. The fuel cost of business mileage will be calculated at HMRC rates for the vehicle and the difference in fuel costs (approximating to that for private mileage) will deducted from your salary.

Mobile phones and electronic equipment

Lara Nichols will provide hands-free facilities for use while driving.

Calls on hands-free must be restricted to minor, stress-free conversations during easy driving conditions. Calls must be placed by voice recognition and not by use of the keypad.

Under no circumstances must you text, take photographs, send or read e-mail or use the internet on your phone whilst driving.

Lara Nichols may place, at any time, a vehicle tracking device on its vehicles. This is done for security purposes however, Lara Nichols reserves the right to check logs to ensure that employees are using the vehicle appropriately and are providing an accurate log of visits made including distances travelled, driving times and speeds. This information may be used in any subsequent disciplinary action.


You must drive the vehicle lawfully, responsibly and safely at all times. In particular, do not drive while tired, drive according to the road/weather conditions and do not drink alcohol before driving. Do not be distracted whilst driving, do not eat or drink as this may place you at enhanced risk of an accident. It is better for your health and safety to take a break. Texting, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the handed use of mobile phones while driving will be regarded as disciplinary matters.

Your vision may change over time. It is your responsibility to have your eye sight checked on a regular basis.

Before setting out on any journey employees should ensure the vehicle is fitted with an emergency first aid kit. Lara Nichols will provide a kit if one is not present and requests for supplies to top up the kit should be made to your line manager.

It is your responsibility to ensure you drive at all times with your seat belt securely fastened. The safety of your passengers is also your responsibility and you must ensure that seat belts are worn by all passengers.

Maintenance and repairs

It is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in accordance with manufacture recommendations and that the vehicle is roadworthy at all times. Requests for maintenance or repairs to a vehicle must be made to the Managing Director.

It is your responsibility to check the water, oil, lights and wiper blades on a regular basis and keep them at the recommended levels and in good working order. Any defect that may affect road safety should be attended to at the earliest opportunity. Lara Nichols will reimburse necessary costs. It is also your responsibility to check the tyres on a regular basis for air pressure and wear and tear.

The vehicle must be driven strictly in accordance with all current legislation in force. You are expected to treat the vehicle as if it were your own. In particular, the vehicle is to be cleaned inside and out on a regular basis and as often as necessary particularly after driving in bad weather. If a vehicle is left damaged or not maintained/cleaned to a high standard, this will be treated as a disciplinary offence.

Correct fuel

It is your responsibility to ensure the correct fuel (ie petrol or diesel) is used and not to drive the vehicle away from the filling station pump if a mistake is made. You are responsible for all costs incurred by fuel choice mistakes. If invoiced to Lara Nichols then the costs may be deducted from your salary.


Smoking is not permitted in a  vehicle belonging to the company at any time.

Parking/motoring fines

Lara Nichols will not be responsible for settling any driver’s parking or other motoring fines/penalties incurred whether these be levied on the driver or on Lara Nichols directly. This includes speed camera or similar fines.

Vehicle and machinery documentation

Lara Nichols will be responsible for maintaining/retaining all relevant vehicle documentation.

Accidents, loss or damage to  vehicles, property, etc

You must notify the Managing Director promptly of the loss of a vehicle or of any accident involving one of our vehicles, irrespective of whether or not damage or injury has occurred. A vehicle user who is involved in a road traffic collision where injury is sustained must also notify the Police.

When accidental damage or injury does occur the vehicle user must obtain particulars of any persons involved as well as the names and addresses of any witnesses. An accident report form must be completed fully and honestly within 24 hours and forwarded to the Managing Director. Any subsequent correspondence must be passed on to Lara Nichols, unanswered, immediately it is received.

Damage to our vehicles or property must be notified to the Managing Director immediately.

If damage is caused to any vehicle as a result of improper use, neglect or recklessness, Lara Nichols reserve the right to require that you reimburse Lara Nichols for all appropriate repair costs. Such costs maybe deducted from your salary if invoiced to Lara Nichols.

Where a claim is made through the Insurers and Lara Nichols considers that you have significantly contributed to the damage caused, or where there have been repeated claims, Lara Nichols reserves the right to deduct any excess element from your salary.

Lara Nichols will not accept responsibility for personal possessions stolen from one of our vehicles.

Lara Nichols reserves the right to investigate the cause of accidents and to take disciplinary action in cases where you are deemed to have significantly contributed to the accident.


Lara Nichols has a policy of zero tolerance on alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, or any illegal substances either during working time or within such time periods as your ability to carry out your work responsibilities could be affected.

Leaving Lara Nichols

You are required to return the vehicle to our premises, unless otherwise agreed, immediately upon leaving employment with Lara Nichols. The vehicle should be returned in good condition. Lara Nichols reserves the right to recover any charges incurred as a result of failure to return the vehicle in accordance with their requirements.

Lara Nichols reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle, or make a compensatory arrangement with you, during any period of notice.


The ultimate responsibility for determining the policy of the company, and any disputes arising from any matter concerning vehicle usage, rests with the Managing Director.

Employee agreement

Employees who are provided with a vehicle from the company are required to sign the following statement:

I have read and understood the above Vehicle Policy and agree that any costs, fuel cost or other charges specified above, that are incurred by Piggy Holdings Ltd t/a Lara Nichols and not otherwise reimbursed, may be deducted from my salary.








This policy was last reviewed in December 2019