Code of conduct

You must act, at all times, in such a manner so as to safeguard and promote the interests of Lara Nichols and its customers and other relevant parties.

You are personally accountable for your practices and in the exercise of your duties you must:

  • always act in such a manner as to promote and safeguard the interest of Lara Nichols, its customers and other relevant parties.
  • ensure that no act or omission on your part, or within your sphere of responsibility, is detrimental to the interests, condition or safety of customers and other relevant parties.
  • maintain and improve your professional knowledge and competence.
  • acknowledge any limitations in your knowledge and competence and decline any duties and responsibilities unless able to perform them in a safe and skilled manner
  • work in an open and co-operative manner with customers and other relevant parties.
  • report to the Managing Director any circumstances in which your duties cannot be carried out safely or where it appears that the health or safety of colleagues or other parties is a risk.

“At all times” means you must not indulge in activities outside of work that could attract adverse publicity for the organisation, bring us into disrepute, or result in loss of faith in Lara Nichols.


This policy was last reviewed in April 2020