Welcome to Lara Nichols.

This is your Employee Handbook and it sets out the basis of your working relationship with your employer, Lara Nichols.

You will have written particulars of your employment as a separate document and that sets out the contractual basis of your employment. It will refer to items in this handbook. However, this handbook is not your contract of employment and no item here is a part of that contract unless that is made clear in your written particulars. Failure to follow policies and procedures could give rise to disciplinary action but minor variations will not in themselves break the contract.

While important contractual terms are in this reference source, the main purpose of the content is to inform you of how the relationship between us will work in practice, as the basis for mutual co-operation and understanding.

The contents of this handbook are not intended to compromise your statutory rights. Should conflict arise, your statutory rights will always take precedence.

Your employee handbook is reviewed in April and October each year. Changes will not be notified to you individually (unless they affect your contract with us) but you may always view the most up to date version of your handbook online. This handbook was last amended on 29 January 2018.